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We offer a wide range of health and social care courses, these range from a few hours up to 10 days over a few months. All of our courses are:

We are able to deliver both face to face and virtual courses.  Face to face courses take into account all current health and safety requirements. Virtual courses are delivered via Zoom.   

The subjects we can deliver include the following, if the subject you require is not listed please contact us and we will see if we can develop a course for you.

Suggested course durations are in brackets

ADHD (6hrs)
Ageing, death, dying and bereavement (6)
Alcohol awareness (3)
Alzheimers awareness (3)
Anti-Discriminatory Practice (6)
Anxiety (3)
Anxiety Management (6)
Arthritis care (3)
Aspergers syndrome (6)
Assertiveness (3)
Assisted eating and drinking (3)
Asthma Care (3)
Autistic spectrum disorders (6)
Basic Life Support (3)
Bereavement & Loss (6)
Bi Polar (3)
Blood Borne Viruses (3)
Business continuity planning (3)
Business planning for care settings (3)
Cancer – an introduction (3)
Care & support planning (6)
Care planning and service user risk assessment (6)
Caring for people living with dementia (6)
Case recording and Achieving Best Evidence (6)
Case recording report writing (6)
Challenging behaviour (6)
Challenging behaviour and mental health (6)
Challenging Beliefs (6)
Communication skills for team leaders (3)
Confidence and assertiveness (6)
Confidence and assertiveness for people with a learning disability (6)
Confidentiality (3)
Conflict management (3)
Continence promotion (3)
Continence management and catheter care (6)
Control of infection (3)
Customer service skills (3)
Decision making and the Mental Capacity Act 2005
Dementia care (6)
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - DoLS (3)
Diabetes (3)
Disciplinary and grievance (6)
Domestic Abuse (6)
Domestic Abuse risk management (6)
Easing the pain of change (6)
Effective communication (3)
Effective recruitment & selection (3)
Empathy in social care (6)
Employment law for managers (6)
End of life care (6)
Epilepsy (3)
Eye Care (3)
Falls prevention (6)
Fire risk assessment (3)
Fire safety (3)
Food Hygiene - Level 2
Health & safety in care settings (3)
Human Rights (3)
Huntington’s disease (3)
Integration and inclusion (6)
Introduction to learning disability (3)
Introduction to mental health (3)
Introduction to Substance Misuse (3)
Learning styles and learning strategies (6)
Lone working (3)
Management & leadership skills (6)
Management skills and supervision in care settings (6)
Management, motivation & communication (6)
Managing aggression and violence (6)
Managing aggression in the workplace (3)
Managing and embracing change in the workplace (3)
Managing difficult people (6)
Managing meetings (3)
Managing poor performance (3)
Maximise your meetings (6)
Memory and reminiscence therapy (6)
Mental Capacity Act  2005 (3)
Mental Health Act (3)
Mental Health Awareness (3)
Mentoring & coaching skills (6)
Motivation skills (3)
Motivational Interviewing (6)
Needs Assessment (3)
Neurological conditions (6)
Note Taking & Report Writing (6)
Nutrition and healthy eating (3)
Oral Health (3)
Outcome focused care planning (6)
Palliative care (6)
Parkinson’s disease (3)
Supporting people with a learning disability (6)
Person centred care planning (6)
Personal and professional boundaries in care services (6)
Personal Safety (6)
Pressure sore and tissue viability (3)
Problem solving techniques (6)
Professional and personal boundaries (6)
Project management (6)
Quality assurance tools in the care sector (6)
Record keeping in care settings (6)
Record keeping in nursing care (6)
Recording and reporting in domiciliary care
Recording and reporting in residential care
Recording skills for care professionals (6)
Recruitment and interviewing (3)
Relationships  and sexuality (6)
Report Writing & Record Keeping (6)
Resilience (6)
Return to work interviews (3)
RISCA 2016 and the regulations (Wales) (6)
Rights and equality (3)
Risk assessment and risk management (6)
Safe administration of medication (3)
Safeguarding  (6)
Schizophrenia (6)
Sensory Loss – vision (3)
Sensory Loss – hearing (3)
Sepsis (3)
Service user risk management (6)
Staff supervision & appraisal (6)
Stress management (3)
Stroke awareness (6)
Substance and drug awareness (6)
Substance use – introduction (3)
Supervision and appraisal (6)
Supervisory skills in care settings (3)
Tackling discrimination
Team building & working (3)
Termination of employment (3)
The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and the KLOES (6)
Time management (6)
Values & attitudes in social care (3)
What makes people tick - how we think (6)
Working with people with multiple disabilities (6)
Workplace risk assessment (3)

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide a course outline and costing.  

Accessibilty Statement